How does Facebook help your online business?

How does Facebook help your online business?

According to the latest statistics released by the platform, Facebook boasts 2.13 billion monthly active users. That is about 20% of the world population brought together on one platform. Consequently, Facebook is the most popular social media platform ever and the competition doesn’t even come close. Still, Facebook means different things to different people. While some see it as only a platform to share cool stories, videos, and pictures, some other see it as a channel for facilitating business growth. As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to not be in the latter category. You may be wondering what exactly Facebook can do for your online business. Here are a few answers.

Targeted and affordable

Facebook offers the opportunity to project your business to a much wider audience. No other platform boasts such an amazing number of active users. What’s more, you can set up your Facebook ad to target the particular demographic you’re interested in and still engage your customers on a personal basis. This offers a boundless potential for your business. Numerous online businesses make use of Facebook ad to great effect. You’re missing out on a lot of opportunities if you fail to tap into its potentials.

Business page

One out of every five minutes spent by an American on their mobile is spent on either Facebook or Instagram. There is no better platform to explore if you wish to create a strong fan base for your business. Thankfully, you can easily set up a business page which would be different from your personal page. Consistently churning out great content about your business would help develop your fan page and as your page grows, you may discover that a huge part of your PR work is being done by strangers who are loyal to your brand.

Customer interaction

For all businesses, good customer relations is key to attracting customers. Facebook offers any business owner the opportunity to excel at this. You would easily read comments about your services or products on your Facebook business page and you can respond to them easily. Also, responding to a single inquiry from a potential or existing customer would answer the questions of many. You could even take customer relations a step further by engaging by engaging your customers via Facebook messenger. There’s really is a world of opportunities on the platform.

External traffic

Many entrepreneurs already admit that the greatest means through which Facebook benefits their online business is through the traffic it draws to their website. While you may not be able to fully convey your message via your Facebook business page, you can always post click baits on Facebook and then maximize your website to pass the message across. Theoretically, traffic from Facebook is expected to have a high conversion rate as visitors from the platform already know about your business and they would likely visit with a strong intent.

There you have it! Listed above are just some of the ways by which Facebook can help your online business. If your business is not on the platform already, you are definitely missing out. But it’s never too late to make the right move. Set up an account today and you’ll be glad you did.

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