Does LinkedIn really help your online business?

Does LinkedIn really help your online business?

Over the past decade, LinkedIn has witnessed a tremendous rise in popularity. ‘The professional social network’ has overcome its slow start to become the hub of connections and business deals it is now widely regarded as. Boasting over half a billion members and a new sign up every second, LinkedIn is widely tipped as the destination of choice for entrepreneurs looking to boost their online businesses.  But is this really true? Do the numerous potentials for business growth the platform is associated with actually abound? Does your LinkedIn profile strategically place your business in the growth direction? It is only natural for such questions to pop up when making the move to set up your LinkedIn profile or revive a dormant one. And if it’s any consolation, you are not alone. Thousands of potential LinkedIn users also ask the same question. And for all intents and purposes, there is only one answer. Here are some of the ways LinkedIn can actually help your online business.

 Increased brand recognition

With such staggering amount of users who are actually on the platform for business, there is probably no better place to protect your online business. If your profile is properly optimized for search, you would be presenting your business to many thousand users that would search for a keyword related to your business on a daily basis. By extension, proper search optimization on LinkedIn would also increase your rank on Google and other search engines. LinkedIn is also a very good place to hunt for potential clients. If, for example, you are a copywriter, you can always pitch your services to sales managers looking to sell their products or CEOs of companies that may require your services. As long as you get your LinkedIn profile right, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Product launch

A report from Regalix ranks LinkedIn as the top online platform for product launches. If you have been using traditional Press Releases but yet to see the effect, you really should consider harnessing the potentials inherent in LinkedIn especially if you are in the B2B space. Compared to the 71% of businesses that use Twitter and the even smaller 54% that make use of Facebook, an overwhelming 81% of businesses expressed a preference for launching their products on LinkedIn. If you are looking towards a mega launch online, there is only one place your mind should go to.

Lead Generation

The business-minded approach of most, if not all LinkedIn users is perhaps the platform’s greatest asset. If you are looking to generate quality leads, LinkedIn’s lead generation feature is the perfect option especially if you’re targeting the B2B space. The platform boasts about four times more visitor-lead conversion rate than Facebook or Twitter, its closest competitors. The groups and tags would already do the work of identifying your potential clients. All you need do is join the right groups and cultivate the right relationships. The journey to lead generation is usually long, and sometimes arduous. But with LinkedIn, you have the resources you need at your fingertips.

You would agree with me that you are missing out a lot if your brand is not featured on LinkedIn yet. Remember it all starts with a killer profile. Your LinkedIn sign up process should only begin

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