Can Twitter Help my Business Grow?

Can Twitter Help my Business Grow?

I have studied so many social media platforms, and I found out that Twitter offers remarkable opportunities to achieve business growth. Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that has become the favorite platform for many people. In 2017, it was reported that there are over 330 million active users on Twitter every month. This number has probably risen, and it means a large number of your potential customers use their Twitter accounts daily.

Every business needs to implement a system that can generate a steady number of new customers to achieve and sustain business growth. In this article, I will be discussing some fascinating ways that you can grow your business by leveraging the audience on Twitter.

The good news is that these ideas are easy to perform; you do not need any special skills to use them. But first, create an official Twitter account for your brand. Your business can benefit from Twitter in the following ways:

Lead Generation

Twitter is an excellent platform for lead generation. You can find potential customers on Twitter by creating hashtags, joining conversations related to your business and helping people to solve their problems by offering expert advice in your business field. Being active on Twitter in this way will encourage people to check your page where they will view your brand and details of your website.

Generating traffic through links

Twitter allows you to use links in many ways. It is a good opportunity to drive traffic to your website. You can post links to your product pages on your Twitter bio page and on your tweets to gain more visibility.

Promoted Ads

If you plan to invest some money in this process, you can pay to ensure that your Ads are promoted on Twitter. Your Ads will be seen by millions of your target audience who will use the links to visit your website or your Twitter handle to know more about your brand.

Customer Engagement

On Twitter, you have access to a broad audience. You can post a tweet with a hashtag which contains your preferred keywords, and the content you posted will be viewed by anyone who is searching using that keyword. You can also benefit from the ‘retweet’ feature on Twitter which allows other users to ‘retweet’ your ‘tweets’ so their followers can view them.

Content Marketing on Twitter

You can gain a lot of followers and drive more traffic to your site by creating useful and informative content which you can tweet to your followers and others (by using hashtags). Twitter has a limit to the number of characters you can use to express your thoughts but you can include a link to the content on your site, and when your potential customers click on your link, they will be redirected to the web page to view your content.

Live Feedback

Twitter is one of the quickest sources of information; it thrives on real-time communication. You can find out what your target audience is talking about as well as feedback from your current customers in real-time. You can also leverage this communication to provide instant replies to questions and inquiries regarding your brand.

The opportunities to grow your business on Twitter are fascinating. You can apply multiple digital marketing strategies on Twitter to reach a broader audience. Start using any of the ideas described above today; I will be happy to hear the outcome in a few weeks.

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